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Using a loan is becoming more common for individuals. If banking institutions tend to prefer people with jobs, the unemployed can also claim a loan in Belgium.

Unlike traditional personal loans, your record for an unemployed personal loan has to be picky. Also, every detail will have to be taken in observation to satisfy the agent in charge of analyzing your application for unemployed loans. The advice of a broker can tip the scales in your favor. Your request will reflect a mature reflection.


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Finance your project as unemployed

Finance your project as unemployed

For an unemployed person, the loan for the unemployed remains a reliable solution to get out of it. However, the loan is a financial commitment and the banks are often reluctant to trust the unemployed. However, there are many solutions for having an unemployed credit in Belgium.

For any borrower who has 10% of the amount requested, the chances of accessing an unemployed loan near Belgian banks are increased. But if this is not the case, it is always possible to seek advice from these lending institutions that will impose certain conditions before giving you the credit unemployed through obtaining a personal credit. This is essential because there is a Belgian law that unemployed people who fail to pay the monthly payments.


If you are refused for a loan of honor

If you are refused for a loan of honor

there is also the solution of personal micro-credit. This is a type of credit dedicated to people in great need or to job seekers. This one is Granted by financial ferments, with a low utility rate.

For example, if you ask for a micro credit to purchase a car to get to work, it increases your chances of acceptance. Any evidence of motivation is well seen. The micro credit exists to advise people who are truly in a very soft situation. The state feels it is his duty to advise people to get up.


Unemployed loan tips

Unemployed loan tips

If after having tried all the above solutions, do you still refuse your request? We advise you to go through a broker or credit intermediary who can press and make your application even more serious than it already was. It is sometimes essential to have the needs of the service of a professional in the matter. It can guide you to the best possible solutions for this type of financing. This will increase your chances of having your request.

Possible borrowing opportunities for the unemployed in Belgium In Belgium, you can take out a bank loan even if you are unemployed. The chances of obtaining a loan for the unemployed are high for individuals who have fulfilled certain conditions. Possession of a personal contribution of the order of 10% of the amount requested facilitates your loan.

If this is not your case, other possibilities are imaginable. When you own one or more real estate, you can adopt a mortgage. This one requires the putting in guarantee of your goods. You can thus receive an amount equivalent to the actual price of the property pledged.


The specificities of the amount of loan credit

The specificities of the amount of loan credit

The system of grouping loans for the unemployed is hard to put in place, but it is not unthinkable. Not all lenders take the risk of advising at-risk borrowers. It will be necessary to gather certain conditions for a bank to agree to pay your credits and take the responsibility to give you a new loan. In this case, she agrees to discharge the other banking institutions of the risk of unpaid and she assumes the risk alone from the moment she clears the credits for you.

to recover a credit for unemployed, it is also possible to apply to the Adie (Association for the Right to the Economic Initiative). This organization offers micro-credits, the amount of which can not exceed 3,000 euros. However, it is necessary to motivate his actions and his project which must be part of a job recovery perspective.

If your situation shows that your income is too low, banks, like credit organizations, often have a tendency to refuse credit, because of a lack of proof of your solvency over a long period. However, you can try to provide special guarantees to help the court in its decision.


In conclusion

Here’s another tip to finish: If you must borrow money while you are free from all work, negotiate with your lender. If your negotiations fail, contact a broker or, failing that, a social worker. Give him the proof that the school did not accept your request. Communicate also the file which defines your situation of an unemployed person. Your employee will take the steps for you. He will know how to do it.

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